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1. Cost effective Laser Protective Eyewear from Lasermet

All Lasermet eyewear is CE marked and tested to EN207. The competitively priced eyewear is normally available from stock for fast delivery. Overleaf are details of the available filters. Below are images of the frame styles. Note that both the LM-A and LM-B frame styles will fit over most prescription glasses, whereas the LM-C will not. Order codes are made up from the frame code followed by the filter number (e.g. LM-B-30).

2.  Laser Alignment Eyewear

Laser alignment eyewear is designed for use with visible lasers (ie lasers emitting between 400 & 700 nm*) to protect the wearer from the laser beam whilst allowing them to see the spot from the beam for purposes of alignment. This differentiates it from standard protective eyewear which generally does not allow such visibility of the beam spot. Alignment eyewear is tested to EN 208 and specified using R numbers as shown below. In order to provide the combination of protection and beam visibility, the power (or energy) of the laser must be balanced with the R number of the eyewear.

3. Protective Eyewear for IPL Patients and Operators

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Systems commonly used for cosmetic applications such as hair removal and skin resurfacing present a hazard to the eyes of both operators and patients alike. We offer a range of options offering protection with the minimum obstruction to the procedures. Further options for patients can be seen on our Patients Eyewear brochure.

4. Eyewear for Patients

Eyewear for patients of laser procedures is designed to protect the eyes of the patient whilst giving maximum access to the patients face. This is especially important for facial cosmetic procedures. The eyewear shown below is CE marked and tested to EN 207. It is suitable for all types of lasers and will block out all light. Overleaf is some eyewear which will also allow the patient some visibility while wearing, and some eyecaps which fit underneath the eyelid, allowing full treatment of the face.

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