MEGELLEN Laser Safety and Optical Solutions






1. ICS-5 Laser Interlock System

The ICS-5 Laser Interlock System is the latest development of the market-leading ICS-1 Laser Interlock Control System. It is based on the same tried and tested safety control system, but has been totally updated and simplified internally to include the latest in electronic technology and design. Supplied in a smaller, attractive enclosure, it has a simple, easy-to-use control panel which can be wired directly to 4 interlocks or groups of interlocks.



2. The New ICS-15XM Laser Safety Interlock from Lasermet

The ICS-15XM laser safety interlock controller is designed for use with multiple inputs to create a sophisticated interlock system to prevent users being inadvertently exposed to laser beams. The system provides laser safety protection monitoring many switches and doors and disabling the laser if any of these switches are open. Designed for long-term service, the ICS-15XM is not processor controlled and therefore does not have the obsolescence issues associated with operating systems, microprocessors and programming languages.


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