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1) Large Area Low Voltage LED Signs – Ultra Range

Ultra Slim Design

With a thickness of only 24 mm these signs are the ultimate in slimline design and can be wall mounted at any height without causing any form of obstruction or hazard.

The signs are constructed of an aluminium extrusion with textured matt black powder coat finish, moulded black plastic end caps and tinted acrylic front panel, giving a highly desirable appearance. 

Low Voltage Secret Sign

The front panel tint is balanced for maximum contrast and the sign is secret when not lit. Operation is from 24V DC which is inherently safer than mains wiring as well as being easier and cheaper to install.



Variable Brightness


The Ultra range of LED signs incorporate a variable brightness control. By default the signs are configured to vary their output to match the background illumination. This avoids signs becoming ‘flooded out’ by sunlight or other illumination, or being overly bright in darker conditions. It also means the signs will save power in low light conditions. Alternatively the signs can be fixed at full brightness or the brightness can be controlled externally by applying a control voltage (0 – 24 VDC).



2) Low Voltage LED Warning and Room Information Signs


These LED signs operate from 24V DC and can be used as stand alone units or alternatively can be automatically switched by a Lasermet ICS safety access control system. Being relatively compact they can be mounted between door handle and eye height which ensures that they will be seen by someone intending to enter the door.

A range of hazard warning signs and room information signs are available.







3. Slim Jim - The Thin Profile Backlit LED Sign

Slim Jim is the new thin profile backlit LED sign from Lasermet. Measuring approximately 11mm thick, this extremely thin LED sign runs directly from 230V AC mains power with no additional power supply or transformer.

  • Benefits of Slim Jim
  • High Quality – smart appearance
  • Professional design
  • Only 11mm thick
  • 230V AC or 110V AC
  • No transformer
  • Fits to existing mains power single or twin socket backboxes
  • Fits to conduit boxes
  • Cheaper and faster installation
  • Current 20mA
  • Contractor friendly



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